Rose saltDuring the past few months, I have been on business trips in Japan, and found that the Japanese love to use the “rose salt” (Himalayas salt). It can be used for seasonings in various dishes or even applicable for massages. Rose salt is a neccesity in my daily routine: I use it to exfoliate my whole body; it is especially useful in self-lymphatic massage.

Why I insist in using the rose salt every day?

Rose salt is a natural product, which is gentle to the skin. It is also effective to improve back acne. Furthermore, soaking feet with the rose salt or drinking it with water are benefitial to health too. When choosing what type of rose salt to buy, it is most versitale to choose the edible ones.

Summary about rose salt:
*Choose edible ones
*Suitable for oily skin
*Sooth acne-probe skin
*Soaking feet for relaxation
*Consuming before sleep
*Self-lymphatic massage for detox
*Natural body wash for the female part