5 must-see places in Australia that you will fall in love with

5 must-see places in Australia that you will fall in love with


Although memories fade, I still remember the days during my family trip to Australia when I was a little kid. Australia represents a safe haven for me. No matter if you are seeing it the first time, or maybe for the tenth time, you will definitely find something to love about Australia.

1. Cuddling the Australian national treasure – Koala!

People say, you haven’t experienced the real Australia if you haven’t cuddled a Koala!  When I was 6 years old, I had my first time encounter with a furry Koala in the Paradise Farm at the Gold Coast. I was surprised that a little Koala could carry so much weight! If you cannot hold it securely, you’ll drop the Koala. Dad knew that I didn’t have the strength to hold up a Koala and helped me out. I am only able to hold up a Koala now as I have grown up. You can imagine how heavy a Koala is!  So far, it is only legal to cuddle Koalas in Australia. So, don’t miss this opportunity if you are visiting the country!

2.Must-visit for movie lovers: Warner Bros. Movie World

Every time I visit the Warner Bros. Movie World located in Gold Coast. I feel like a kid again. Apart from amusement rides and performances, visitors get a chance to experience the process of movie making, as well as meeting movie characters from famous movie scenes.

I am so excited the moment I saw my favourite characters – Bugs Bunny and Scooby doc – walking around the park! No matter you are an adult or a kid, if you are a movie lover, you will enjoy the unique experience offered by the park, which makes the place a perfect destination for family trips.

3. Flight experience across Great Barrier Reef

People usually visit Great Barrier Reef by water. Today I decide to explore the reef in a different way – being on a helicopter! Upon taking off, I look out of the windows, dazzled by the crystal blue sky, as well as the colourful corals sparkling through the clear ocean. Great Barrier Reef is on many people’s bucket list, is it on yours too?

Snorkelling is another perfect choice of activity to explore the Great Barrier Reef. I see fishes swimming towards me in groups, I see jelly fishes floating around me, I see endless corals underneath my feet. Being underwater, you experience an entirely difference, yet amazing world, and I have no intention to leaving this world at the moment.

4. The mysteriously charming Uluru

Situated among deserts in Alice Springs, you will find a mysterious rock here at Uluru. The indigenous inhabitants of Australia believe that this mysterious rock is the heart and soul of the country, as the colour of its surface changes according to different weathers and intensity of sun-rays. Upon seeing the rock in person, I thought I was in a dream! It is even more impressive compared to the photos that I see on travel books and websites. If you are a scenery person, you’ll surely be amazed by this natural wonder.

5. New South Wale and Australia – separated by only Point Danger

The famous Point Danger represents the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. Looking at the ivory Captain Cook memorial and lighthouse by the blue back drop, you would think that you are in Greece! Point Danger is the place to visit if you are into histories and cultures.